How My Cheating Boyfriend Paved Way To My Success – Yemi Alade

yemi alade
In most cases when one experiences heartbreak, there are high
chances that he or she would recoil back and shut off to some
activities of life, but for Yemi Alade, her cheating ex-boyfriend
paved way for her to hit success.
Sharing the story behind her ‘Johnny’ music fame, the always
excited singer recalled how it all happened.
” Johnny was recorded in Enugu during my nationwide media
tour. It was produced by Selebobo and it narrates the tale of a
cheating lover. It is based on a life experience which I
unconsciously wrote about during the session. The success of
‘Johnny’ is jaw-dropping; it is currently the most viewed video
by an African female artiste of all time. God gave me the song
‘Johnny,’ without telling me he was blessing me. If you go
online you will see dance videos made by fans across the
world, from France to the Netherlands to the U.S.A to Canada,”
she said.
She has gathered lots of fame and fortune but according to
Yemi, there’s no man making her heart skip a bit, although she
had confessed she wouldn’t mind dating Phyno.
When asked those she wishes to work with or have a musical
collabo, the ‘Pose’ crooner wants the popular music twin.
“Definitely P-Square. I admire their music, drive, zeal and work
ethics and they have lasted over a decade in the music industry
yet they are still grinding like they are newbies,” she added.

6 Ways To Make A Girl Fall In Love With You

1. Take care of yourself first.
If you want a girl to fall in
love with you, you need to
show her that you’re capable
of loving yourself first. Practice
good hygiene, wear nice
clothes (clean and no holes!),
and exercise and eat right to
keep your body feeling strong
and healthy. When you show
people that you think you’re
worthy of love by loving
yourself, they’re much more
likely to agree!
For example, you should
make sure you brush your
teeth regularly.
Don’t forget about
deodorant either!
2. Live your life. Who wants
to get into a serious
relationship with someone
who just sits around all day? If
you want her to fall in love
with you, get out there and
show her that you live a great
life. Go out and do the things
that make you happy, fill your
life with learning and
exploration, and pursue your
dreams. Always work hard and
girls will fall for you in no time.
Have you always wanted to
make your own video
game? It is possible to do
that! Write a book? Go get
em, tiger! Become a master
spelunker? You can do it!
Follow your dreams and
you’ll find that girls are
attracted to your passion
and determination.
3. Show her your lovable
qualities. People don’t just
decide with whom they want
to fall in love. Love happens
because the people involved
have lovable qualities. Love
often develops over time, so
your job is to show the girl
that you’re worth being
around. Let your personality
shine through, and give her the
chance to see who you really
are and what you have to offer.
A good lovable quality to
have is kindness. Be kind to
everyone and go out of
your way to help people.
Don’t be selfish, but rather
self sacrificing. Help others
achieve their dreams. Your
girl will be very impressed.
4. Be funny. Get a sense of
humor. It’s no secret that
girls love guys who can crack a
joke or be funny. Practice jokes
on your friends every so often,
and learn the jokes that work
and the ones that don’t work.
When you’re alone with a girl,
telling a joke can be a great
way to break the tension.
Remember: if you’re not
good at jokes, you can still
have a good sense of
humor––you just have to
love laughing and being
around people who are
5. Be playful. One of the most
important things girls look
for in a partner is playfulness.
So you want to be playful
because she probably thinks
that playfulness is attractive.
How can you be playful? Make
a boring routine, like studying,
make it interesting and funny
by turning your math problem
into a song, for example. Don’t
take things too seriously. And
most importantly, be able to
laugh at yourself.
6.Have confidence. To be
genuinely lovable, you have
to believe that you are worth
being around. Most girls aren’t
attracted to people who are
constantly putting themselves
down. So be confident, but not
cocky. Know what you are
good at. Don’t brag about it or
show off, but put these things
into your routine and don’t be
afraid to let them shine every
once in a while.
If you do feel the need to
take a jab at yourself, make
sure you present it as a
joke. Laugh at the mistakes
you make and the stupid
things you do, as well as
the things you don’t like
about yourself. “Seriously,
you DO NOT want me to ask
you to dance. I’m a terrible
dancer. Danger to myself
and others. It’s best for

Banky W, EME Boss Caught ‘kissing’ Cynthia Morgan

banky morgan
The two were spotted exchanging pleasantries at an
event recently and in what looked like mouth brushing
against each other, a camera lens caught both
entertainers in action.
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Singer and Chief Executive Officer at Empire Mates
Entertainment, Banky W has been caught ‘kissing’ Northside
Inc recording act, Cynthia Morgan.
The two were spotted exchanging pleasantries at an event
recently and in what looked like mouth brushing against each
other, a camera lens caught both entertainers in action.
However, it has been argued that what looked like a kiss was
merely a peck on the cheek and it was just a gentleman’s gesture
by the America trained singer, Banky W.

Singer Says She Can Make Out With Burna Boy

cythia morgan
The Northside Inc recording artiste simply dropped,
‘Burna Boy’ when asked which male celebrity can she
make out with.
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Dancehall queen, Cynthia Morgan has picked Spaceship
entertainment act, Burna Boy, as the Nigerian male celebrity
she can have sex with.
In a Twitter interview by DoyinTV, the Northside Inc recording
artiste simply dropped, ‘Burna Boy’ when asked which male
celebrity can she make out with.
The German Juice singer further revealed that her new single,
Simati Niya, which describes a feeling of obsession, was
inspired by her lover.
Signed to Jude Engees Okoye’s record label, Cynthia Morgan
says she would like to collaborate with international music star,
Chris Brown even though she has Psquare as her favourite
Nigerian music act.

5 Dead, Houses Burnt In Petrol Tanker Explosion

picture of the tanker
A fully loaded petrol tanker today, June 27, exploded at Dabi in
Kebbi, killing five people and injuring six others.
The tanker was heading to Mahuta in Kebbi when the driver lost
control of the vehicle on the hilly Dabai junction resulting in the
fall of the vehicle and subsequent explosion.
The accident also left 12 houses and some vehicles parked by the
roadside destroyed by the resultant inferno.
The Dabai-Suru and Dabai-Mahuta road junction also serve as a
market, especially for fresh fruits.
The Kebbi deputy governor, who also hails from Dabai, Alhaji
Samaila Yombe, was among early visitors to the scene of the
Yombe condoled with relatives of the victims, the Emir of Zuru,
Alhaji Sani Sami, the Chairman of Zuru Local Government Area,
Alhaji Ibrahim Rumu.
He pledged to offset the medical bills of the hospitalized.
The deputy governor said the State Emergency Management
Agency had been directed to provide prompt relief material those
who lost shops, household property, livestock and food crops to
the inferno.
A resident of the area, El-Yakub Dabai, described the incident as
unfortunate and hoped authorities would sensitise heavy duty
vehicles on how drive through tricky terrain.

Singer Looses Phone At Dj Exclusive White’s Party

picture of banky w
While details of the experience has neither been shared
by the singer or sources in his camp, Skyprince gathered that
the singer is embittered about the loss of his phone.
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EME boss and singer, Banky W has lost one of his phones to
petty thieves during at the DJ Xclusive’s white party which held
at the Landmark centre, Oniru, Lagos.
While details of the experience has neither been shared by the
singer or sources in his camp, Pulse gathered that the singer is
embittered about the loss of his phone.
And to confirm the tale, the singer took to his Instagram account
to share a blank black picture with the caption, ‘To the person that
stole my phone.. when anything bad happens in ur life,
remember that U brought this upon yourself
#100fold #ItsGodThatWillPayYouBack..Meanwhile thanks sooo
much to everyone who came through and/or supported us.
The @djxclusive83 all white party was EPICCCCC.’
DJ Xclusive is the official Disc Jockey for the Empire Mates
Entertainment crew and members of the music company joined
the DJ at the white themed album release party.

Father Cuts Off Daughter’s Finger For Stealing Meat From Her Mother’s Pot

cut-off finger
Men of the Plateau State Police Command have arrested a 40-
year-old man, Surulere Raphael, for cutting off his daughter’s
finger on allegation that she stole his money.
Mr Raphael was paraded on Friday at the police headquarters
alongside one Ponjue Domsing, who was alleged to have killed
his father, Mr. Domsing, for not buying him a motorcycle as
Raphael said he cut off his daughter’s finger because she stole
his N1,500 and meat from her mother’s pot of soup. The girl’s
severed finger has, however, been recovered as an exhibit,
while the girl is being treated in the hospital.
The state Commissioner of Police, Nasiru Oki, said the suspects
would be charged to court for culpable homicide and criminal
He said:
“The Plateau State Police Command, in its resolve to
rid the state of crime and criminal activities, has
arrested some murder suspects and other individuals
for various offences ranging from criminal conspiracy
to armed robbery and car snatching.
May 2, 2015, at Doruwa Vwang village in Shendam
Local Government Area of the state, one Ponjue
Domsing killed his father, Mr. Domsing, for refusing to
buy a motorcycle for him as promised. The
investigation has been completed and the suspect will
soon appear in court when court resumes from strike.
Also on May 4, 2015, there was a report from Bukuru
Division that one Christopher Vincent was stabbed to
death by Mondam Pam and dumped his body by the
roadside along Zawan Road. Detectives arrested the
deceased’s girlfriend, Magdaline Fidelis, and upon
interrogation, she confessed that the deceased was
killed by Monday Pam over misunderstanding between
them in her house.”