8 Foods That Will Keep Your Vagina Healthy and Happy

It is very to keep a woman’s private part healthy as any infection,
no matter how inconsequential it seems, could cause infertility
and lead to other health complications like cervical cancer.
Ways in which the vagina is kept healthy and happy include
cleaning with just water, and no douching involved.
Also, what we eat affects the PH balance down there, the
following are some of the right foods you need for your lady
1. SWEET POTATOES- These contain vitamin A which keep
your vaginal walls strong and healthy.
2. ALMONDS- Not only do these contain protein and provide
you with protein and energy for a great sex session, they
also contain zinc, which can keep your period normal.
3. GARLIC- These are great for your vagina because they have
antibacterial properties and can fight yeast infections.
4. AVOCADOS- In order to keep your vagina walls strong,
nice and moist, eat avocados as they contain healthy fats and
5. CITRUS AND TROPICAL FRUIT- These include oranges,
guava, and papaya. All of the above have loads of Vitamin C,
which is extremely good for your lady parts.
6. GREEN BELL PEPPER- Surprisingly, these contain lots of
Vitamin C, which we earlier mentioned is rally good for you.
7. BANANAS- Not only do these serve as a mood enhancer, it
is also full of magnesium, which experts say boosts your
libido and releases happy chemicals.
8. DARK CHOCOLATE- While this helps women with their sex
drive, it also helps in preventing vaginal infections due to the
antioxidants found in it.


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