Igbos Are The World Smartest People – Emmanuel Chen

Few days ago, the internet picked up some steam
about a young man who is partly Nigerian and partly
Chinese, Chen Wang Emmanuel.
Chen Wang Emmanuel prides himself as being an Igbo man
and he thinks because his dad is a Chinese and his mum is an
Igbo woman, he has got the greatest combination of genes in
the whole world.
“My name is Chen Emmanuel, I’m half Chinese and half
Nigerian. Dad is the Chinese, mom is Igbo. I think there are
very few of us in the world maybe less than 20. I think
Nigerian blood made I and my siblings way finer and different
from the normal Chinese. We are way taller than the average
short Chinese race. We look quite more appealing (I think)
Better Hair…I think moms blood is strong We don’t have the
“sleepy eye’ thing and some other private things…lol, ” he told
Linda Ikeji.
Chen’s family
Emmanuel Chen is a 20 year old undergraduate of Civil
Engineering at the University of Nigeria, Nsukka. Emmanuel’s
parents met in Abia state about 20 years ago, where his mum
used to be a secretary, they got married and still live happily
today. Emmanuel’s Igbo name is Chinerorom but when he is
in China, he uses Wang Chen. He is known as Emmanuel
Chinero in his school.
Chen dad and sibling
Ynaija spoke with him and here are some of the things the
handsome Chines-Nigerian had to say:
Why he loves being Igbo:
First, my mom is Igbo. Two, Igbo people to me are the
smartest in the world. They can maneuver and blend
anywhere in the world. I grew up here, so that makes me
more fluent in Igbo.
Growing up:
So many memories I can’t recount. God has been faithful. I
blend in both worlds. With the Igbo community and the
Chinese too. Either ways I’m more familiar with the Igbos. I
hear Igbo really well. Chinese a little. Growing up wasn’t that
easy because I did not look like the normal Igbo kid.
I had people who loved it and others who ‘yabbed’ it. Back
then, I could not head to the market because there will always
be people shouting everywhere, calling me ‘oyibo oyibo’. It
was fun sometimes though. Sometimes, I have to speak Igbo
to blend or change their minds, other times I just bow down
my head and keep walking.
For instance, the times when some traders try to cheat me in
the market thinking I am a foreigner not knowing I have been
there for a long time. Even in School, I faced the same thing
but now I am used to it, it is very much fun.
Chen and friend
He loves music and is currently working on a Gospel Album
that will feature Gospel singer, Nathaniel Bassey.
“I started singing in secondary school after I was forced to lead
praise one day because the worship leader was absent. I led
truly and people were moved in a way I had never seen, even
all my teachers were commending me and since then music
was it for me. I love gospel music a lot and most inspiration
comes from Donnie Mcclurkin. Nathaniel Bassey and Micah
Stampley. I love swimming and intellectual games, I love
meeting people. I hate being proud though some people feel I
am. I love meeting new people a lot..especially singers and
artists too”
His upcoming album:
I am not releasing the album to make profit. I will produce the
songs for free. Some of my songs are danceable, especially
the Igbo ones. I have also some worship song and solo works
in the album.
Favorite meal:
My favorite meal would be Egusi soup and Eba
Similarity between Igbos and Chinese:
Well, both of them are very wise sets of people. Very
committed to whatever they do. They know how to cooperate
very well, they are money focused. I once heard of a Chinese
man who had hotels but still drove a taxi to make more
money. They uphold their traditions and festivals too.


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