Science Discovers 7 Reasons Why Your Breasts Are Sagging

There are new studies on breast health that have revealed that
certain habits could be causing breasts to sag, the habits include:
1. Dieting- Dieting usually involves sticking to certain eating
rules for a period of time and then, returning to regular
eating habits. This inconsistent habit causes the breast to
droop because the tissue in your breast loose elasticity.
2. Sleeping on your stomach.
3. Smoking- This bad habit weakens and ages skin including
the skin that helps breasts fight gravity.
4. Wearing heels- Although these make you feel sexy, they
contribute to breast sagging due to the fact that they cause
bad posture, which causes your breasts hang lower.
5. Wearing the wrong bra size.
6. Dehydration- In case in you need one more to drink enough
water, this is it. Studies show that not drinking enough water
contributes to breast sagging.
7. Heavy running.
pics of a saggy breast

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