Drunk Mother Eats Child’s Flesh Alive

An alcoholic mother from India is currently in police
custody being caught eating her child alive.
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Bharati Mondal, the victim, was rescued by her uncle after he
heard her cries, and saw her mother eating flesh from her scalp.
Her mother, Pramila Mondal, was slicing at her scalp, eating the
flesh, with the child now being treated in a critical care unit.
Shariq Allaqband, the victim’s uncle, said, “Bharati was bleeding
profusely as Pramila was eating the flesh of her head. I
immediately snatched away Bharati from Pramila and rushed her
to Malda Medical College and Hospital where she is admitted to
The mother of three is known for her issues with alcohol, and
after news of the incident spread, she was saved from a mob by
her sister-in-law, who called the police in order to make sure she
was safe.

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