A Married Woman Seduces Her Son With N50,000 In An Hotel

While we hear about incest between fathers and daughters on a daily basis, it seems this abominable act is also committed between mothers and sons, though in this case the mother
drugged the son.
An Asaba Grade ‘A’ Customary Court in Delta State last Friday dissolved an 18-year-old marriage over a sexual intercourse by a mother with her son.

According to the Punch, the 45-year-old Mrs.
Nkulumenna Owefa admitted before the court that
she seduced her son in a hotel in Abagana, Anambra State, after she offered him the sum of
It was gathered during the proceedings of the court that the woman who sells trades at the popular Ogbeonogonogo market, Asaba deceptively asked his son (name withheld) to accompany her to Abagana near Onitsha, Anambra State where she booked into an hotel against her initial plan of meeting with one of her business partners at her residence in Asaba.
The son, who testified in court on what transpired
between him and the mother before Senior Magistrate, Sylvester Oboh, said he was called
upon by his mother to accompany her somewhere
where she had bought some materials for sale.
He said, “On our way to Abagana, somewhere
around Toll Gate in Asaba, we were held in hold-
up; I was with mum in her car and the glasses
were wound up as the AC was on. So our conversation was not being heard by hawkers going about with their wares or other motorists.
“My mum told me that she was going to take over
me as my father has taken over my sister and I
thanked her, not knowing what she was up to. In
Abagana, after a lengthy discussion with her friend, we retired into the hotel room, where my mum gave me a bottle of coke already opened and I felt weak when she now undressed me before putting my d**k into her private part.”
The husband, Mr. Owefa, who was in court with
her daughter, Adlyn to seek the dissolution of their
marriage told the court, “All I need is the dissolution of this marriage.
“My wife has committed the worst abomination
and the only forgiveness I have for her is the
dissolution of the marriage. My son remains my
son because I know he was not seduced with
ordinary hand.”
The Senior Magistrate (Oboh), having listened to
both parties, granted the dissolution of the
marriage, saying the man would take of the two
My God…

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