RCCG Teens EXCOS Of Region 20 Had A Meeting At Four Point Hotel (Photos)

The meeting was held on the 29th November, 2015 at Four point hotel (by Sheraton). The first meeting they had was at the redemption camp which was a 3 days retreat (13th-15th Nov. 2015) titled NYLR ( National Youth Leaders Retreat ) with the theme: Making A Difference which was held at Joy to the wise Restaurant.

Now moving to yesterday’s meeting, which began with an opening prayer, worship and praise by Pastor Nkechi. Immediately after that, Pastor(Mrs) Sola David-Bohra gave a short sermon titled DON’T LOOSE YOUR COURAGE; Bible Text; Joshua: 1:6-7, Deut: 31:16, Psalm 31:34.
She talked about the external changes and problems faced by teenagers and how to be courageous….

After that, the EXCOS were given the opportunity to make suggestions, contributions, and discussion about the upcoming HOLYGHOST CONGRESS by 7th-13th Dec. 2015. Suggestions and contributions were made by the Excos including the President, Segun who pointed our some little problems children face at camp and the solutions to them….

After each suggestions made by everyone, the coordinators rounded it up.

Then every EXCOS took a picture for their passport.

LUNCH TIME!!! the moment every EXCOS have been waiting for…lol. Check out some of the pics after the cut….

Segun, the President having his lunch.

pastor yemi lunch
Pastor Yemi having his lunch.

Deborah lunch
Deborah, Vice President 1 having her lunch..lol

Miracle lunch
Miracle, Asst. Media Coordinator having her lunch.

Some additional pics….
Prince, Asst. Fin.Sec. poses.. Lol

Prince And Tobi ( choir coordinator )

home tinz
On their way home

More pics during our upcoming posts…please bear with us

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