Tiwa Savage Reveals: ”I Once Abstained From Kissing And Sex For 3 Years”

Multi award-winning singer and performer, Tiwa Savage, has opened up on her religious belief, marital stand, as well as how she preached and practiced abstinence from sex for three years.

The Mavin Records first lady also said
she is ‘very spiritual’, affirming that
she pays her tithes often as well as
conversing with God.
She said, “I may not always get to kneel down and
pray but at some point in the car or
wherever I am, I would have a conversation with God;
I am very spiritual. I do not joke with paying
tithe or speaking with God. I owe
everything to him and I guess a lot of people don’t see that side.
“I gave my life to God on July, 16 2002
and I went through a tough time following that,”
she added.
Speaking further, the 35-year-old talked about the
times she would get on a train and
preach as well as practicing abstinence for three
“I had gone through a tough time
trying to find myself. I went through heartbreak and I remember crying so much through that time. I felt lost and didn’t know where I needed to be in
this world. I know this sounds cliché, but I was
praying one day and I literally felt the presence of God in the room with me.
“And, you know when you first give your life to Christ, you are a radical. So, then, I would preach to strangers on the train and say Jesus sent me to you.
“Sometimes I would give my entire
one month paycheck to the church; they asked for
only 10%, but I would give the entire 100%.
People scoffed and said “she is new in the faith, just give her another year”.
“And for three years, I was not
intimate with a man. I didn’t kiss or have sex. Every time I hugged a man it would be from
the side. A lot of people can relate to that because it has happened to a lot of us but the key is to be consistent,” the mother of one added.
Tiwa also stated that even if she wasn’t
a Christian she still wouldn’t have lived a
promiscuous life
owing to her nature.
“Even if I was not a Christian, I was never that type of girl. I was a tomboy. My mum used to think I would be gay. I am the only girl among four siblings so I used to wear trousers to feel like I was part of the boys. I never waxed my eyebrows and I hated high heels,
which I still hate till today.
“I was never into boys, which is
probably why my husband has full confidence that the big men flashing money in my face won’t faze
me,” the ‘Eminado’ crooner quipped.


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